Wilton 2500 6” mechanic’s vise review

With the great range of different types of vises, each one of them should have something that is uniquely distinct from the others. What does this Wilton vise have? Well, here is what you should expect from the product when you go to purchase the Wilton mechanic’s vise;


Wilton-11800-648HD-Utility-Workshop-ViseThe vise has a huge anvil as compared to the previous models. the anvil is elongated to give a larger space for people to work on. Though the anvil is not used much, people who do not have another surface that is as hard as the anvil should benefit from the large nature of its anvil.

Swivel base

The swivel base rotates at a 3600 angle. This rotation gives the user a wider area to work on. The 360-degree rotation does not mean that it is barred from rotating any further than a full circle. You can rotate it to an infinite number of full rotations in the same direction.

The best bench vice for the money is also sturdy and has double lockdowns to give it more stability when on the workshop table. The stability is further improved by the user’s workshop table state.


Powder coat paint is applied on the outer surface of the vise. The paint keeps the vise scratch free for the paint is scratch resistant. You can therefore have a vise in good state for a really long time.

That is not the only the only thing the paint does. It also keeps the outer surface of the vise from being oxidized. The vise therefore lasts for a long time without rusting.


The jaws of this Wilton vise are steel in nature. They are toughened to ensure that every time that you secure a hard item, the jaws will not be disnatured into the shape of the object.

The jaws are also replaceable. When I talk about the jaws, I am talking about both the upper and pipe jaws. If at any time the jaws are damaged, you can go ahead and change them with new ones. This gives the vise quite a lifetime that you are going to appreciate.


Compared to other vises in the market, the weight of this vise is moderate. It weighs 69.1 pounds, which is remarkable for a vise this strong.

You may think that the vise’s weight is inconvenient for a portable workshop, but the weight is what will keep the vise locked on the table with amazing stability. The weight is just a minor setback that had to be in order for you to enjoy the other features and qualities that the vise has.


Out of 10 people, only one shows dissatisfaction with the quality of the vise. The common thing that they consider a setback is the 30 kg weight that the vise is packing.

Otherwise, no one has shown any regret about another feature of the vise, hence it will be the perfect choice of someone who has no problem carrying a 60-pound tool to the workshop.

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