What Are The Best Sewing Machine Projects For Kids

Sewing machine projects for kids are supposed to be fun for them. Since it is for them, make it all about them. You should let them choose what they want to work with. Of course, you can help your child decide on what is suitable and fun for him/ her to work with. It is advisable to let the child to decide if it is something that is worth spending valuable time over.

Kids like to sew anything they love, so if you want a project to be successful, pick out something the kid can wear. At least after the whole project is over, the cloth being made will not be wasted and the child will willingly put it on since he/she loves it and it is self-made.

Here are some ideas you might try out if you are putting together some sewing machine projects for kids to keep your kid on the loop and sharpen his or her sewing skills.

Simple purse/ bag

Why waste time and money purchasing some bag for your child when he/she can make one on her own. Of course you can buy one just in case the child will not be pleased with what he/ she has created (which I certainly doubt it is not Frankenstein). Even the creator of Frankenstein loved his creation. The idea is to keep the colors simple. The best option is picking the color the child really likes and use only that. You can decide to use some other color to mix it up and make it more decorative.


This is another option that is a good fit for a childs project, they are quite simple and can be worn by the child. A childs mitten is quite easy to make. He/ she can start be drawing out the outline of his/ her hand on a piece of clothing. One of them should be bigger than the other to occupy the whole are of the hand (for better measurements try using a computer software). Use a material that can easily be sewed together and is thick and warm.

Table cloths

Is there anything simpler than this you can even tell the child too tear up a material into the shape of the table if it is a lazy day (just kidding). As you know the motto in sewing machine projects for kids is keeping everything simple, and here is something that fits in that. Table cloths just need the right measurements for them to be perfect. The child can take the table measurements and add the additional coverage area under the table. After all the measurements are done, he/ she should take the edges and fold them into the shape of the table.

After sewing up the edges, you have a really good table cloth for your table that you can place in the childs room. The table cloth can also be a small square cloth that can be placed at the center of the table. This type of design does not require any measurement accuracy, but a bit of accuracy with the sewing can make this project stand out among the rest of your sewing machine projects for kids.

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