How Safe is Ceramic Cookware?

Every mom wants to have the best and trendy cookware in the kitchen. With the current development in kitchenware, the earlier designs of cookware just seem to mess up the look of the kitchen. If you have been following the trends in kitchen utensils, you must have bumped into the infamous ceramic cookware. With the wonderful designs that they come with you still could not help it but wonder, is ceramic cookware safe?

The world of ceramics is a wonderfully decorated set of beautiful items, be it the cookware or stuff you display around the house. They might have their downside, but what does not. Let us take for example, all the other stuff in the kitchen, like knives, are not those dangerous too? The dangers of ceramic cookware are just the same as all the other best cookware pots and pans out there, but let us just discuss them and you may be the judge of the magnitude of the danger they pose.

Lead poisoning

This is the first downside of the ceramic cookware that has managed to taint the wonderful picture displayed by the ceramic cookware. The glazed ceramic cookware has been detected to contain some small amounts of lead. The lead might be transferred from the ceramic cookware to the food that you are cooking.

If that happens, your body will automatically have traces of lead in the system. With the lead circulating around your body your chances of getting seriously ill will be high. Lead can lead to many diseases, even the most dangerous ones like cancer (dont you wish you were Clark Kent right now).

On the other hand, the lead levels in the glazed ceramic cookware are really, really low. The earlier form of petrol that was used in cars used to contain a higher value of lead composition that this ceramic cookware. If the people used to live with those conditions healthily, then why wouldn’t you with ceramic cookware that may or may not contain lead.

Not all the ceramic cookware contain lead. There is the glass type of ceramic cookware that you can use to substitute with the glazed ceramic cookware. The glass ceramic cookware does not pose any threat of lead poisoning and still possesses the smashing design of the glazed ceramic cookware.

Glass shattering

Here is a threat you are likely to face every day. Glass can make up some really wonderful designs after they are molten into the desired shapes. They can however turn out to be wolves in sheep clothing once you get to face their dark side. Broken glass can easily pierce through your skin. having pieces of broken glass in your home is not the picture you have in mind when you are thinking of buying the ceramic pots and pans set.

That is however what you are supposed to be picturing when you purchase them. Once the glass ceramic cookware falls and shatters for whatever the cause, they can cause a big mess in the house. They could pose a great danger to babies and little children who havent yet discovered the danger behind the beauty of glass.

So is ceramic cookware safe for you. You are now the one who is going to answer that for yourself since everything ha