Gamo Big Cat 22 Caliber Air Rifle Review

What do you look for when you are searching for the ultimate gun? Is it the size, the power or the type of gun?

Whatever it is, there must be something that you like most about the gun that makes you fall for the particular gun. There are so many models of guns that you can get confused trying to find your gun if it is your first time handling them.

If you are up for a gun that will surely make you a champ in whatever you need a gun to compete in, the projectile speed is what you should first take into consideration. There are a few factors that determine the speed of a projectile; the velocity and the caliber.

Not that I want to trouble you with all the physics stuff, but I thought it is best to mention that in the beginning so that when the Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle review gets deeper you will not get confused. That brings us to the Gamo big cat .22and what is so good about it? Why should you have it? Here are some of the few qualities of the air rifle that will knock your boots off.

High projectile speed

The gun can send a projectile through the air at a speed of nearly a thousand feet per second. This makes the gun an important tool to use during hunting. With that type of speed, the Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle qualifies as one of the safest hunting guns that a person can ever use in the open season. I refer to the gun as safe because its projectile range is shorter than the ordinary gun. It therefore cant injure a far bystander as much as the ordinary thrusted bullet guns would.

Great scope

If there is something as fun as a good aim in a gun range, it is not from this world. To have the perfect aim, you need the best scope there is. The Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle has a powerful scope that allows you to magnify the furthest object the projectile can reach. So that I do not make this Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle look like a means of promoting the sales of the gun, let me just spell everything out for you. The gun has 4 by 32mm scope and rings magnifier. That type of scope can do what I just have explained up there.

Weightless but powerful gun

The rifle weighs just a little over 6lbs. The trigger itself doesnt require much force for it to be released, just 30lbs and you got yourself a flying bullet. Any person above the recommended age can easily lift it up and use it without any difficulties.

Every gun has a few things that will make you chose them over the others. These are the qualities that I needed to convince me that the Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle is the right gun for me.

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