Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw Review

Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw Review: introduction

For some time now, people have been using miter saws for cutting through materials at accurate angles. The miter saws have been developed with many modifications through the years since their inventions. The most accurate ones of them all have been born after these modifications have been set in place.

One of these miter saws that have undergone perfection is the Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw. The Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw has features that make it amazingly accurate and convenient, some of them being;

Blade and motor

The miter saw has a blade with a radius of 12. This is a recommended size of the miter saws blade. I know many people would wish for a larger radius so that they can cut through thicker materials, but the shorter the radius, the faster the RPM.

The miter saw also comes with the a 15-amp motor. With this kind of power, the motor can be able to spin the 12 blade at speeds around 4000 rotations per minute. That is enough power for you to cut through anything. The convenient size of the blade ensures that the machine will not reduce its efficiency once it cuts through thick materials.

Miter Angle Fine Adjust

The best thing about a machine is its efficiency. This feature will surely make you fall in love with this machine since it gives off a higher efficiency. The miter angle fine adjust feature comes with a dent override feature.

The miter angle fine adjust is a different type of adjustment feature. You take first adjust your angle to the desired angle and use the miter angle fine adjust feature to attain the highest accuracy.


The miter saw weighs about 65lbs. I know that is kind of heavy to carry around but with the class of machine this is in, it weighs nothing compared to the rest. This weight still allows you to move the equipment freely without the help of third party machinery.

Bevel capacity

The bevel capacity of this miter saw ranges from 00 to 480. This great range allows you to steep the cut to an angle that cannot weaken the cut edge. Increasing the bevel range to a way higher value is not advisable to manufactures since higher angle adjustments will make a sharp and an easy to dent edge to form. This is why most of the manufactures keep the bevel capacity at that range.

Extra features

The Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw is packed together with some other awesome parts to ease the job. The extras you should expect in the package include; a blade wrench, a carbide tripped blade and a dust bag. Even if the machine is highly efficient, without these parts, you will still have a hard time working with the machine.

Before I forget, the miter saw also includes a five-year warranty. If that is not a guarantee of the reliability of this machine as discussed in this Milwaukee 6955-20 Miter Saw review, you are loading your options slowly.

Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw Review

Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw Review; Introduction

If there is something about miter saws that I love, it is nothing but their accuracy in cutting work pieces at angles. Miter saws are the best tools to use when you are making something that will be used for measurements. They have such wonderful angular precision that you could not afford to use any other tool for this purpose.

Since this is a Hitachi C12FDH Review, we are going to focus on that model. The Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw is an amazing miter saw; not only does its price favor you, but also the features it has will divide your jaws.

Blade & Motor

The Miter saw is fitted with a 12-inch blade that can cut through any material without peeling off the edges. This is the ordinary blade size (usually around 10 to 12 inches). The miter saw is also fitted with a 15amp motor. With that power and the strong blade, the miter saw can achieve speeds of up to 4000 RPM (rotations per minute). If the blade was smaller, the speed of rotation would have increased. I prefer efficiency over speed though.

Laser marker

If the blade and powerful motor does not show the efficiency of this miter saw, then this feature will grasp your attention. The Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw is fitted with a laser marker to ensure that you get the most accurate measurements and angles. The people who have been using earlier models of miter saws that did not include the laser marker can now let out a huge sigh of relief because their work has just been made easier.

Cutting power capacity

The miter saw can cut through anything provided that it is 7 under the blade. It does not matter whether there are several layers of the material or just one thick material, the miter saw will slice through it in a matter of time. This is an achievement over the other previous models of the miter saw which cut a little below that value.

Long-time warranty

The Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw has a lifetime warranty of 5 years. Within this period, any damage on the machine will be repaired free of charge, that is provided you did not damage it through carelessness. The long warranty duration shows how the Hitachi machines are state of the art and durable. It is a guarantee that the miter saw will not break down during this period hence assures you the lowest maintenance cost.

Amazing extras

The package does not only come with the compound miter saw, but also some amazing parts and features to make your work easier. An example of the extra parts contained in the package is the dust bag. As from the name, it is for collecting dust that is created from the cut material. Other parts include a box/ hex bar wrench and vice assembly.


The Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw is an amazing machinery to use for angular crosscuts as seen in this Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw Review. the miter saw comes with a few extra features and parts help you achieve the most precise output ever.

DuroMax XP10000E portable generator review

DuroMax XP10000E portable generator review; introduction:

Blackouts, the worst thing that can ever happen at night or during entertainment sessions. Electricity has become a basic part of peoples lives. Whether you are charging your iPhone or watching television, you need a stable supply of electricity. Blackouts do not only bore you to death while you wait for the power to come back, but also disrupt businesses. Businesses that depend too much on electricity suffer from these blackouts.

They do not really have to experience these losses though. With the help of alternative power supplies, the blackouts will pass as if they never happened. Generators are the ideal power supplies to use as alternatives. They are sure to produce power for a huge duration of time, provided the fuel is maintained, unlike power backups which can only store power up to a given duration of usage. There are many models of generators all over, but not all of them are good for every occasion. For businesses, you need a heavy duty generator, like the DuroMax XP10000E portable generator. Lets take a deeper analysis of the generator;

Power output

The generator can provide a stable power of 8,000 watts. This is a huge amount of power and it makes the generator an ideal power supply for powering heavy duty tools like drills and saws. Its maximum power output is 10,000 watts, but that will be like overclocking a laptop with a poor cooling system.


The Duromax generator has a 16HP 4 stroke engine. Isnt that powerful or what. The engine is air cooled, hence outdoor usage will be highly recommended so you would not choke to death. Setting up the generator in an open space in indoor usage is an idea to keep in mind after purchase.

The other reason you should shelter the generator is the type of fuel it uses. The generator uses a petrol powered engine, and you know the fumes that are coughed off by petrol engines not good. An advantage petrol engines have is power. The petrol engines, like this one, are powerful and hence suitable for generators.

Low oil shut off

When the engine starts to choke when dried up, the generator shuts down. This saves the engine from grinding itself useless. If the generator happens to switch off suddenly, the level of oil should be the first thing you look at.

Tank capacity

If that is not enough to sweep you off your feet. Here is something you cannot compare to your stomach J. The generator has a tank capacity of 8.1 gallons (around 30 litres). That is a lot of fuel. You will not have to refill the tank every time since that amount of fuel will last for a good period of time.


Sold below $1000, the generator gives you the best value for your money as we have seen in this DuroMax XP10000E portable generator review. The generator is best suited for commercial usage due to its high power output. The fact that the generator has a huge tank makes it suitable for commercial workplaces since no one will need to check on the fuel everytime.

What Backpack Harness for Toddlers is a Must Have

Toddlers like to have fun in all the ways they can. Too much fun for the kids is poison for their minds. Sometimes, the amount of activity they see as fun needs to be limited. If you let your child move around freely anywhere he/ she wants, you are going to face a few problems with the childs health.

The use of backpack harnesses for toddlers have been considered as an inappropriate way of keeping a child safe. When you walk around with your child tethered to your hand like a dog on a leash, people might think that you are not considerate of your childs wellbeing.

If you really care about your child, you should be the one deciding what is good or bad for your child. From my view point, the harnesses for toddlers are a means of showing that you truly care for the child. There are many types of backpack harnesses for toddlers sold in todays market. The perfect backpacks are the ones your child adore. You should therefore let the child do the deciding on what he/ she wants to be on her back the whole day.

If you are interested in keeping your child safe and in your radar the whole time with the help of the toddlers backpack harnesses, here is a list of some awesome backpacks you can purchase.

Skip zoo safety harness

There is nothing that is comforting to a toddler more than a cute animal snug on the back. The Skip zoo safety harnesses are the ideal backpack harnesses to buy for your child. They are in the form of cute animals like the monkey, and have a simple backpack design.

Nuby quilted backpack harness

Here is something the girls would love to have on their back all day. The Nuby quilted backpack harnesses are super cool backpacks with beautiful girlish designs. you can get a polka heats design on amazon. The backpacks are usually pink, which is like the best color for girls. Let me not drive the wrong idea to men who love the color. You have your reasons

Yodo Playful Kids Insulated Lunch Boxes Carry Bag

Is it a frog, a crocodile or a dragon? You be the judge. The Yodo Playful Kids Insulated Lunch Boxes Carry Bag should be the best pick for a child who likes everything gothic. Not that the bag is gothic, but it should be a nice substitute for the gothic stuff. You should not let a toddler get to immersed in the world of goth. He/ she might want a piercing the next day.

E’Plaza Butterfly Baby Walking Safety Harness

Isnt that cute Those should be the words you utter after you slide your baby into this backpack harness for toddlers. The safety harness allows you to manage the balance the baby has during the time you are training him/ her to walk properly. The process is usually a long and exhausting torment for you and the toddler every time the child falls on his/ her face. Thanks to this safety harness you should be able to train your child without any worries.

What Are The Best Sewing Machine Projects For Kids

Sewing machine projects for kids are supposed to be fun for them. Since it is for them, make it all about them. You should let them choose what they want to work with. Of course, you can help your child decide on what is suitable and fun for him/ her to work with. It is advisable to let the child to decide if it is something that is worth spending valuable time over.

Kids like to sew anything they love, so if you want a project to be successful, pick out something the kid can wear. At least after the whole project is over, the cloth being made will not be wasted and the child will willingly put it on since he/she loves it and it is self-made.

Here are some ideas you might try out if you are putting together some sewing machine projects for kids to keep your kid on the loop and sharpen his or her sewing skills.

Simple purse/ bag

Why waste time and money purchasing some bag for your child when he/she can make one on her own. Of course you can buy one just in case the child will not be pleased with what he/ she has created (which I certainly doubt it is not Frankenstein). Even the creator of Frankenstein loved his creation. The idea is to keep the colors simple. The best option is picking the color the child really likes and use only that. You can decide to use some other color to mix it up and make it more decorative.


This is another option that is a good fit for a childs project, they are quite simple and can be worn by the child. A childs mitten is quite easy to make. He/ she can start be drawing out the outline of his/ her hand on a piece of clothing. One of them should be bigger than the other to occupy the whole are of the hand (for better measurements try using a computer software). Use a material that can easily be sewed together and is thick and warm.

Table cloths

Is there anything simpler than this you can even tell the child too tear up a material into the shape of the table if it is a lazy day (just kidding). As you know the motto in sewing machine projects for kids is keeping everything simple, and here is something that fits in that. Table cloths just need the right measurements for them to be perfect. The child can take the table measurements and add the additional coverage area under the table. After all the measurements are done, he/ she should take the edges and fold them into the shape of the table.

After sewing up the edges, you have a really good table cloth for your table that you can place in the childs room. The table cloth can also be a small square cloth that can be placed at the center of the table. This type of design does not require any measurement accuracy, but a bit of accuracy with the sewing can make this project stand out among the rest of your sewing machine projects for kids.

How Safe is Ceramic Cookware?

Every mom wants to have the best and trendy cookware in the kitchen. With the current development in kitchenware, the earlier designs of cookware just seem to mess up the look of the kitchen. If you have been following the trends in kitchen utensils, you must have bumped into the infamous ceramic cookware. With the wonderful designs that they come with you still could not help it but wonder, is ceramic cookware safe?

The world of ceramics is a wonderfully decorated set of beautiful items, be it the cookware or stuff you display around the house. They might have their downside, but what does not. Let us take for example, all the other stuff in the kitchen, like knives, are not those dangerous too? The dangers of ceramic cookware are just the same as all the other best cookware pots and pans out there, but let us just discuss them and you may be the judge of the magnitude of the danger they pose.

Lead poisoning

This is the first downside of the ceramic cookware that has managed to taint the wonderful picture displayed by the ceramic cookware. The glazed ceramic cookware has been detected to contain some small amounts of lead. The lead might be transferred from the ceramic cookware to the food that you are cooking.

If that happens, your body will automatically have traces of lead in the system. With the lead circulating around your body your chances of getting seriously ill will be high. Lead can lead to many diseases, even the most dangerous ones like cancer (dont you wish you were Clark Kent right now).

On the other hand, the lead levels in the glazed ceramic cookware are really, really low. The earlier form of petrol that was used in cars used to contain a higher value of lead composition that this ceramic cookware. If the people used to live with those conditions healthily, then why wouldnt you with ceramic cookware that may or may not contain lead.

Not all the ceramic cookware contain lead. There is the glass type of ceramic cookware that you can use to substitute with the glazed ceramic cookware. The glass ceramic cookware does not pose any threat of lead poisoning and still possesses the smashing design of the glazed ceramic cookware.

Glass shattering

Here is a threat you are likely to face every day. Glass can make up some really wonderful designs after they are molten into the desired shapes. They can however turn out to be wolves in sheep clothing once you get to face their dark side. Broken glass can easily pierce through your skin. having pieces of broken glass in your home is not the picture you have in mind when you are thinking of buying the ceramic cookware.

That is however what you are supposed to be picturing when you purchase them. Once the glass ceramic cookware falls and shatters for whatever the cause, they can cause a big mess in the house. They could pose a great danger to babies and little children who havent yet discovered the danger behind the beauty of glass.

So is ceramic cookware safe for you. You are now the one who is going to answer that for yourself since everything has been laid down on the table for you now.

Gamo Big Cat 22 Caliber Air Rifle Review

What do you look for when you are searching for the ultimate gun? Is it the size, the power or the type of gun? Whatever it is, there must be something that you like most about the gun that makes you fall for the particular gun. There are so many models of guns that you can get confused trying to find your gun if it is your first time handling them.

If you are up for a gun that will surely make you a champ in whatever you need a gun to compete in, the projectile speed is what you should first take into consideration. There are a few factors that determine the speed of a projectile; the velocity and the caliber.

Not that I want to trouble you with all the physics stuff, but I thought it is best to mention that in the beginning so that when the Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle review gets deeper you will not get confused. That brings us to the Gamo big cat .22and what is so good about it? Why should you have it? Here are some of the few qualities of the air rifle that will knock your boots off.

High projectile speed

The gun can send a projectile through the air at a speed of nearly a thousand feet per second. This makes the gun an important tool to use during hunting. With that type of speed, the Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle qualifies as one of the safest hunting guns that a person can ever use in the open season. I refer to the gun as safe because its projectile range is shorter than the ordinary gun. It therefore cant injure a far bystander as much as the ordinary thrusted bullet guns would.

Great scope

If there is something as fun as a good aim in a gun range, it is not from this world. To have the perfect aim, you need the best scope there is. The Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle has a powerful scope that allows you to magnify the furthest object the projectile can reach. So that I do not make this Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle look like a means of promoting the sales of the gun, let me just spell everything out for you. The gun has 4 by 32mm scope and rings magnifier. That type of scope can do what I just have explained up there.

Weightless but powerful gun

The rifle weighs just a little over 6lbs. The trigger itself doesnt require much force for it to be released, just 30lbs and you got yourself a flying bullet. Any person above the recommended age can easily lift it up and use it without any difficulties.

Every gun has a few things that will make you chose them over the others. These are the qualities that I needed to convince me that the Gamo big cat 22 caliber air rifle is the right gun for me.